Silken Silence

A Film by Chris Brügge - starring Kassandra Wedel & Rafael-Evitan Grombelka

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Love… for oneself.
Love… for each other.
Having secrets, telling, discovering.
Hearing each other, understand each other.

Central theme of the story is the love for each other & for oneself. The topic deafness is not a central theme in the first place, it is rather to be seen symbolically itself. The film is a sensual journey into silence, a journey from imperfection to harmony.

About 250.000 deaf live in Germany. Admission to everyday cinema is only assured for them if subtitles are provided. Movies in their own language, German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache DGS) cannot be found in cinemas. In most instances the supply is limited to semiprofessional productions shown at film festivals for the deaf. Although German Sign Language is accredited as a language coequal to spoken language since 2002, there are no film productions which use these two very different languages equally side by side, offering a cinema experience for the hearing & the deaf at the same time.

Silken Silence accepts this challenge!

We pursue the consistent approach of making this film for the hearing as well as the deaf – in a way that brings both sides in line with each other. The film shall sensitize the hearing audience for the situation of the deaf and shall offer a natural and touching film event to the deaf audience.

The special way of the film’s images and sound shall draw the audience’s attention to the images in the movie and turn the audience’s attention to the visual poetry of everyday life and love. Camera work, sound design and music will be in accordance with this.

The whole film team consists of deaf actors, hearing persons can sign well or even excellent and have contacts to the deaf culture, as well as hearing persons without any knowledge of sign language. Bilingualism is not only part of the movie, but part of our production. We want not only a dialogue between the deaf and the hearing in front of the camera, but during the whole production process.